Regulatory Risk Analysis & Compliance


Cobb has a “unique perspective on state regulation, which is respected by all regulating entities in Texas.

– Chambers USA

Do you need help understanding and complying with the complicated web of state and local statutes and regulations in Texas? Cobb & Counsel provides regulatory risk analysis and compliance expertise to government bodies and private companies operating in a broad range of industries, including insurance, environmental, telecommunications, automobile, and alcohol. We can provide analysis regarding the application of Texas law to your circumstances, and advocate for your interests before Texas state agencies and other regulatory bodies.

Regulatory Risk Analysis & Compliance Experience

Cobb is an “expert legal tactician and successful litigator.”

Greg Abbott
Governor of Texas

“Cobb & Counsel appreciate that laws are not enacted in a vacuum. Their experience with rulemakings, enforcement actions, Attorney General Opinion requests, and judicial review make them a great addition to any legislative team.

Victor Vandergriff
Executive Director, Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition

“Cobb & Counsel won over our Judge with a creative argument, and won over my board with a creative fee structure. They love challenging Texas statutes and Agency actions, and it shows in their results.

Katherine Froelicher
General Counsel, CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective

“If the Texas Attorney General is involved, we want Cobb & Counsel on our team.

Rob Wilkey
EVP & General Counsel, ITG Brands, LLC

First rate quality and service, without the big firm price tag. Cobb & Counsel know how to litigate business disputes efficiently.”

Faisal Hamdard
Manager, MET One LLC

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