Texas Open Meetings Act


“Cobb & Counsel know Texas Open Government Law better than the so-called experts, and their results prove it.

– Charles P. Hausmann (Port Director, Calhoun Port Authority)

Do your public officials need advice on how to comply with open meetings law? Do you think a governmental body has violated open meetings requirements? The Texas Open Meetings Act, which ensures that meetings of governmental bodies are open to the public, is a complicated law that is riddled with exceptions and procedural requirements. Cobb & Counsel has significant experience in handling open government matters. If you need advice on how to comply with open meetings requirements or are involved in a dispute related to the Texas Open Meetings Act, contact us to discuss your options.

“If the Texas Attorney General is involved, we want Cobb & Counsel on our team.

Rob Wilkey
EVP & General Counsel, ITG Brands, LLC

Cobb is an “expert legal tactician and successful litigator.”

Greg Abbott
Governor of Texas

“Their insight and experience put me at ease. I slept better knowing Cobb & Counsel was in my corner.”

Coby Cathey
President, Resolute Academy

First rate quality and service, without the big firm price tag. Cobb & Counsel know how to litigate business disputes efficiently.”

Faisal Hamdard
Manager, MET One LLC

“Cobb & Counsel won over our Judge with a creative argument, and won over my board with a creative fee structure. They love challenging Texas statutes and Agency actions, and it shows in their results.

Katherine Froelicher
General Counsel, CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective

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