About Us

Great results can be achieved with small forces.
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Our Promise To Our Clients

Having represented scores of companies across various industries, we have learned that achieving the best results demands an individualized and nuanced understanding of our clients’ business goals, timing needs, and risk tolerance. We will ensure a mutual understanding of these interests at the outset of our representation, and as it evolves through time and with new information.

We have also found that all clients want lawyers who provide prompt responses, a candid assessment of risks and rewards, clear and concise advice, and realistic cost projections – so we have made these the cornerstones of counsel.

We Promise To:

  • Respond promptly – we will return your calls and emails the day we receive them.
  • Communicate effectively – we will provide you clear and concise advice.
  • Predict realistically – we won’t sugarcoat likely costs or potential outcomes.
  • Inform fully – we will keep you apprised of the status of your case and our progress.
  • Advocate relentlessly – we will provide you with our best counsel at all times.

Our Philosophy

Less is more.

Our Network

Cobb & Counsel is a member of Select Counsel, an exclusive network of highly qualified solo and small-firm attorneys that serves as a trustworthy source for individuals and businesses seeking high-end, affordable legal counsel. When our client’s needs exceed our abilities, Select Counsel direct access to other highly credentialed attorneys who have practiced at the nation’s premier Big Law firms.


Cobb & Counsel PLLC

Principal Office in Austin, Texas

401 Congress Avenue, Suite 1540
Austin, Texas 78701