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We are government lawyers

But we don’t work for the government. We help businesses and professionals regulated by the government with –

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We can...

  • Counsel you on how to comply with government regulations,
  • Obtain the licenses and permits you need from the government,
  • Defend you in government investigations, and
  • Represent you in administrative hearings and regulatory litigation.

If government regulations are your problem, we have a solution.

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Our clients include


  • Friendly folks, yet fierce litigators. We are always confident with Cobb & Counsel in our corner...”

    Chris Hart
    EVP, Central Moloney, Inc.

  • When my professional reputation was on the line, I put my trust in Cobb & Counsel."”

    Craig Rathmann
    Rathmann & Associates, L.P.

  • “Cobb & Counsel thrives on fighting for the underdog, and defying the odds.

    Hilda Gonzalez Garza

  • “Cobb & Counsel helped us cut through the bureaucratic red tape and open for business.

    Brandon Wallace
    President, Alamo Systems, LLC

  • “Consistently, and with integrity, Cobb & Counsel delivers results in the courtroom, and value in the boardroom.

    Scott Mack
    CEO, IntegriCo Composites, Inc.