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We are not fit to lead an army on the march unless we are familiar with the face of the country — its mountains and forests, its pitfalls and precipices, its marshes and swamps.
Sun Tzu

Traditionally, clients and their go-to outside counsel have sought the assistance of local counsel to provide invaluable insight into the internal operating procedures and personalities of their “home court,” and to serve as “boots on the ground” for routine scheduling conferences and discovery hearings.  With the near-universal adoption of electronic filing, however, it may be tempting to dispense with the time-honored tradition of engaging local counsel as a relic of the inefficient past.

Today, “national” counsel can eliminate many travel expenses by requesting telephonic hearings on both routine scheduling and discovery motions, as well as dispositive matters.  But experienced litigators know technology is a temperamental and inferior substitute for the personal touch, and the art of advocacy suffers in absentia.  Sophisticated in-house counsel can attest that good local counsel navigates around potential disputes and avoids unnecessary hearings through knowledge of the local practice.

Even seemingly routine matters, such as scheduling a hearing in Travis County (the state trial court in Austin, Texas), frequently pose difficulties for out-of-town lawyers, as described here.  As local counsel in Austin, we provide timely and attentive advice and assistance, from filing and scheduling through discovery, dispositive motions, and mediation, to jury selection and trial, without duplicating or creating additional work.

We have served as local counsel in state and federal district and appellate courts for a number of national law firms and their Fortune 500 clients, including:

  • CareerBuilder, LLCNeil Gerber & Eisenberg
    U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas
    Contract Litigation
  • ITG Brands (Commonwealth Tobacco)Baker Hostetler
    Travis County District Court, Third Court of Appeals, Austin, and Texas Supreme Court
    Tax Litigation
  • LG Electronics, Inc.Munger, Tolles & Olson
    Travis County District Court
    Antitrust Litigation
  • Magpul Industries, Corp.Mitchell + Company
    U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas
    Patent Litigation


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