Notice of Violation

A Notice of Violation, or NOV, is written notification from a Texas regulatory agency that documents and communicates the alleged violations observed during an inspection to the business or individual inspected.

If you have received an NOV, a Texas regulatory agency believes that you have committed one or more rule or statutory violations. The NOV will typically provide the time period in which the business or individual is required to return to compliance and to demonstrate compliance by documenting that all violations identified in the NOV have been corrected.

Typically, when a business or individual demonstrates compliance with all violations listed in the NOV, within the time given, the business or individual will not face further enforcement action with respect to those violations.

If, however, the business does not correct the violations observed by the regulatory agency, or if the violations are significant or ongoing, the agency may issue a Notice of Enforcement, or NOE. An NOE is a written notification that a Texas regulatory agency is initiating formal enforcement action for violations observed during an inspection. This notice may also inform the recipient of a formal hearing to adjudicate the observed violations.

If you have received a Notice of Violation or Notice of Enforcement, you should engage experienced counsel immediately to protect your rights.


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